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A collection of shiny projects we have worked on.

From small personal projects to full blown corporate websites, through our portfolio you can witness the past years of our work. Work recognized by clients and the community.

  • Splinq Shopping


    SplinQ is a social shopping site splitting it's revenues with users, meaning that anything you buy via SplinQ is guaranteed to be cheaper than if you buy it via original store. At the moment of release, SplinQ collects data from over 400 partner stores, containing over one million different items. You can find absolutely anything on SplinQ – blenders, TVs, iPods, computers, concert tickets, MiG-21 tourist flights, books, travel packages and tens of thousands of other products. Based in Netherlands, but soon to spill out to the rest of the Europe, SplinQ will continue to develop over the following months, so stay tuned for more updates as we cover your country next!

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