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Financial - Središnja agencija za financiranje i ugovaranje

The Central Finance and Contracting Agency is a branch of Croatian Ministry of Finance.

CFCA is responsible for financing, procurement, payment and monitoring of the implementation of programmes and projects funded by the European Union.

Even though for us it seemed like a blink of an eye, more than 6 years have passed since the original CFCA site was launched, and the time has come to give it a little digital makeover.


The core principles of usability and ease of navigation (a particularly tricky task, given the wealth of information the site contains), remain in the new version, while the user interface, design and layout follow new trends with a healthy dose of our unique approach and solutions.


Keeping in mind the wide and diverse audience of government bodies' web, we decided to keep a relatively simple color scheme and a neat grid layout. This went exceptionally well with crisp, almost old fashioned typography and our signature huge, brazen heading style, this time done in Museo with its flowing serifs.

Content management is handled by our proprietory Vudu CMS, for maximum flexibility and easy handling of content. 

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