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Retail/FMCG - Frikom d.o.o.

To begin with, Frikom is one of the leaders in ice cream and frozen food production in the region tracing its origins back to 1970.

If it sounds somewhat familiar – no worries, we are not stealing our own copywriting – it is shared with our earlier Ledo project. Ledo and Frikom are both member companies of one major concern producing basically the same products with a distinct regional touch. The challenge was to make web site for Frikom that would communicate common corporate vision as Ledo project, but at the same time be regionally flexible and adjustable. We followed the same logic considering the span of product and user segments, but at the same time enabled regional focus with presentational aspects of the web site. Frikom inherited our VUDU framework from Ledo project as the logical foundation for making this “hardcode-flexibility” combination possible. We consider both sites combined twice as chilly. :)

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