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Hoteli Baška

Hoteli Baška

Tourism - Hoteli Baška

Baška is a picturesque town in Kvarner Gulf (Croatia) with a world famous stretch of beach where Hotels, Villas and Camps of Hoteli Baška are situated. 

Our task was to implement VUDU CMS framework with additional sales & content modules in order to fully optimize the workload and administration of multi-language/multi-offer website and the numerous requests it generates. Responsive layout ensures an optimised experience on any device and screen size, which resulted in a one month ROI generated by mobile direct bookings alone. The optimisation continues by tweaking booking & request funnels in order to fully maximize all visits. This effort is becoming increasingly important as visitor procurement is getting more costly (CPC, CPM) due to strong competition and the global growth of the tourism industry.

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