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Full service digital agency

Full service digital agency – fulfilling every digital wish

We are an interactive company that focuses on serving our clients complete online solutions. By that we mean development of online strategy, production of all kinds of web projects, online marketing, online media buying as well as optimization, content creation and support. That way we make sure that your message will reach everyone that is supposed to and some more. By employing various channels of promotion that are in sync with each other and production we can ensure quality, cost control, perfect timing and altogether a successful online campaign.

Web development – delivering fresh technologies

We will get you familiar with our mind-boggling process that creates digital artwork and makes satisfied clients at the end of the day. During ALL stages of development we try to answer main questions that determine the success of a project. Our focus is production of high profile web sites that generate income for our clients. Do you need to manage massive volumes of content (corporation, news or social networks), present your company or brand, or do you seek development of professional web applications that will make your work easier (business-to-business, e-commerce, paperless office) you are at the right place.

Online advertising – in a digital world, you need digital advertising... done right

What is the point of creating cool artwork and digital masterpieces if they don't reach target audience? That is why we create digital communication strategies that guarantee that message will reach the potential customer, make wanted impact and call users to action. Every campaign starts off with data mining and market analysis. Once we know all the possibilities then we can start creating online strategy. Target, analyze, optimize is the system which enables us to guarantee results. If we see that we can improve reach, leads and conversion of our campaigns, we'll do it right away.

Brand identity – if it doesn’t sell it isn’t creative

We've branded successful start-up businesses, big corporations and revived old forgotten brands to their past glory, enough said.

Consulting – many receive advice, only the wise profit from it

Supervising, advising and strategizing is what Nivas consultants can do for your team to make your project flourish.

Dedicated server infrastructure – downtime equals loss of money, we take that seriously

We don't make any compromises regarding hosting and support services. Our premium bulletproof hosting services provide our customers high availability 99.999% uptime for mission critical applications, even when visitors are pouring and servers would crumble at the overload.

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Nivas d.o.o.
Štritofova 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
OIB: 16578192145
Žiro račun: 2360000-1101523985
IBAN: HR9423600001101523985
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tel: +385 1 232 0541
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fax: +385 1 232 0540

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